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Empowerment. Change.

“The Help Nepal Appeal” is a strictly non-for-profit social initiative; we are supporting Nepali earthquake survivors.

Absolutely 100% of your donations go to helping struggling men, women and children. There are NO administration fees.

Find out how YOU can make a positive difference TODAY! There are many ways to become involved.

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What makes us different?

“The Help Nepal Appeal”  values:


We empower communities, families and individuals to make them independent and not dependent on our outsourced help.


Showing how 100% of funds go to helping people in need (100% non-for-profit).


Providing resources in a sustainable way that links with an empowerment approach.

Story Telling

We value Social Media, not having a physical building as a platform but a social media platform that
utilises global connections (connecting people through online story telling to create powerful social change).

The Help Nepal Appeal

Mission & Beliefs

“The Help Nepal Appeal” believes that one small act can have a strong positive ripple effect, so when you empower one person you empower many people. Our appeal is to bridge the gaps in society, whether is it bridging the gap between Special Needs children and being socially accepted, bridging the gap between a mother who needs work to gaining vocational training, we seek to bridge gaps through empowerment. THNA has empowered thousands of Nepali people by providing sustainable approached programs, including Student Leadership Councils that are transforming schools both physically and culturally, changing the lives of many.

“The Help Nepal Appeal” team believes that every human being has the right to:

  •  A Quality Education.
  • Clean Food and Water. 
  • A Safe Home and Learning Environment.
  • Hope for the Future.

“The Help Nepal Appeal” is a social platform that brings people from around the world together, to allow individuals and organisations locally and globally to reach remote parts of Nepal. We empower national volunteers from Nepal as well as international volunteers from around the globe.

Will you join our initiation towards a positive change?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

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Our Volunteers


When planning my return trip to Nepal in October 2016 I knew I wanted to volunteer and support an organisation aligned to my values of transparency and not for profit, far too many charities use valuable donations for administration costs. I also knew I wanted to work at a grassroots level not for a large organisation, I had seen on my previous trip the positive impact of those who work at this level and not held back by excessively complicated procedures and of course I wanted an organisation that utilised social media as a way to spread the news of the work they did, for me The Help Nepal Appeal and the passion and dedication of Jody (the founder) was absolutely what I was looking for.

So if like me you want to make a difference in some way, whether within your home country fundraising or visiting and volunteering in a country like Nepal I highly recommend the work of The Help Nepal Appeal, having spent 1 month volunteering and supporting them in Nepal I have seen first hand the incredible work they do and urge you to take that first step today, contact them and see how you could help 'truly make a difference'.

Melanie Thomas
Melanie ThomasBusiness Mentor & Volunteer

“The program- gave us a lot of freedom, which we were grateful for. It allowed for us to fit in time for sightseeing as well as building and spending time in the schools. We were so happy to complete the projects we set out to do. [My highlight was] seeing how pleased the schools were with the outcome… The team members were all very helpful when it came to learning cultural differences and navigating our way around Nepal- made us feel very welcome in the community.”

Angela Nicole Hughes
Angela Nicole HughesVolunteer

“The Help Nepal Appeal is a wonderful team based organization founded by Miss Dontje and has been [connected] with various schools and organizations after the massive earthquake in Nepal [in 2015]. [They] work with various positive minded volunteers across the world who are interested and willing to help [those who have] been affected by the Earthquake. The founder of the organization, Miss Dontje, is the most active and influential member of the organization, always trying to put her efforts into helping and coordinating the overall work of the organization, whether or not she is in Nepal. I started working as a Photographer for THNA from last June- it has been a wonderful experience.”

Subir Thapa
Subir ThapaVolunteer

“I have witnessed firsthand- the genuine passion and determination Jody has for helping those in need. As a Christian wanting to assist and serve those suffering as a result of poverty- I totally uphold the charity’s philosophy of living for others- Jody’s journey is an inspiring one- demonstrating the power of love, commitment and hard work.”

Jess Powell
Jess PowellVolunteer

“I saw first hand how the devastating earthquake had affected people, children, families and communities. I was involved in amazing projects to help support these people from teaching in schools, providing educational resources, clothing as well as giving food to those in need. I highly recommend for anyone who would like to travel Nepal, to be immersed within an incredible culture, see incredible places, meet inspirational people and to help those in need to take part in this experience.”

Kate Watson
Kate WatsonVolunteer

“… one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime. Working closely with local people was such a rich experience that I would not have [had] simply from taking a holiday in Nepal- there was a good balance between times spent volunteering and time spent being a tourist. Another huge positive for me with volunteering with The Help Nepal Appeal is that I only speak English and this was no issue at all because the children and teachers were all so fluent. Although the idea of volunteering is to give, what you will actually receive back in the way of experiences will far outweigh this- to a point with me where I came away feeling that no amount of money could have bought me an experience that was more rewarding.”

Beccy Peterson
Beccy Peterson Volunteer

"It was a pleasure to volunteer and I'm so grateful that you've given me the opportunity - Next time I'll try to volunteer for a longer period. "

Harald Rechberger
Harald RechbergerVolunteer

"It has been beyond what I could have ever thought it would be, and an experience I am so lucky to have had."

Emily Moreton
Emily MoretonVolunteer