What is ‘The Help Nepal Appeal’?

“The Help Nepal Appeal” is a social platform that brings people from around the world together, to allow individuals and organisations locally and globally to reach remote parts of Nepal.

We provide help to struggling men, women and children throughout Nepal. We seek to also empower volunteers by tailoring volunteer programs that utilise their passions, skills and knowledge to better help the Nepali people.

“The Help Nepal Appeal” team believes that every human-being has the right to:

– A Quality Education.

– Clean Food and Water.

– A Safe Home and Learning Environment.

– Hope for the Future.

We are committed to utilising funding in the most effective manner, to benefit others in the best possible way.

Email us to find out more at thehelpnepalappeal@gmail.com

What makes ‘The Help Nepal Appeal’ different to other charities?

Whereas numerous volunteer organizations have immense administration fees and take your money, without you knowing exactly how the money is being used, we are proud that 100% of donations received go directly to helping men, women and children in need (we take NO administration fees out of your donations).

Also, we provide updates about where the money is helping on Facebook, Instagram, in our newsletter, and in our website ‘News’ section. Join our journey by liking, subscribing and following us!

Furthermore, whereas many Volunteer Organisations make you ‘fit the mould’, explaining that you need to be free on certain dates, fundraise a certain amount, do what the organisation tells you to do, we tailor to you! We provide the freedom of you paying along the way as well so you ALWAYS know where your money is going.

We believe that every individual has the capacity to help others and deserves to feel valued in the world; we seek to empower our volunteers just as much as we seek to empower the local community. Therefore, we tailor your program to meet YOUR individual needs, in which your skills and strengths can be utilized to benefit those you help in Nepal.

As well as helping others, “The Help Nepal Appeal” provides you with tourist information to allow for breathtaking adventures, sightseeing and the opportunity to be involved in tourist activities (as the cliché goes, ‘life is too short’). We call these days the ‘off-days’.

How can I help/get involved?

There are SO many different ways to get involved, email thehelpnepalappeal@gmail.com to find out how!

Where is Nepal?

Nepal is a beautiful country situated between China (on the Northern side) and India (on the Southern, Eastern and Western sides). Nepal is home to the breathtaking mountain peaks of the Himalayas, where seven of the world’s highest mountain peaks can be found.

On April 25th 2015, Nepal suffered from a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which shook schools, homes and families apart. While still recovering from the shock, another earthquake then struck on the 12th of May, causing even more devastation. These earthquakes, along with the fuel crisis that began later on in the year, immensely tested the Nepali peoples’ resilience.

Can I get updates?

Of course you can! Due to being asked this question numerous times, we decided a newsletter (besides our Facebook and Instagram updates) would be ideal! You can now subscribe to our newsletter, to see where your donations are going, our upcoming events, updates about the work our incredible Valuable Volunteers are doing, and more! Sign up below.

What’s the go with payments?

Whereas numerous volunteer organizations take your money, without you knowing exactly how the money is being used, we provide the freedom of you paying along the way. Our approach is that volunteers should ALWAYS know where their money is going, and have the power to change their mind about tourist activities and accommodation on their ‘off-days’.

I have never been overseas; do you provide support to people like me?

We understand that it can be a daunting step to leave the familiar, so we ensure to provide helpful information in numerous booklets, over the phone, via email and also via social media. We ensure to help you get your travelling preparation started and you more comfortable. We pride ourselves with our ability to support our volunteers, and are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have as you prepare for Nepal. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Founder (Jody Dontje) on +44 (0)7427378386. You can also email us at thehelpnepalappeal@gmail.com. Remember, we are here to help!

How can I save enough money to volunteer in Nepal?

If finances are the only reason you cannot take the step to help in Nepal, then you have no reason! We are more than happy to provide you with advice about how to fundraise for your trip. Check out our Fundraising Advice page for ideas or connect with us for our support, thehelpnepalappeal@gmail.com.

I don’t have any particular skills to offer, but I want to help. How can I help?

We believe that EVERYONE has the ability to make a positive difference. If you feel that growing desire to make a positive difference, but you are not sure how, contact us for support!

We are here to help: thehelpnepalappeal@gmail.com

When is the best time to travel to Nepal?

Low Season (Jun–Sep)

The monsoon rains (mostly at night) bring landslides, and clouds often obscure mountain views. In terms of trekking, rain, mud and leeches deter most trekkers, but hefty hotel discounts are common and this is a popular time to travel overland to Tibet.

Shoulder (Mar–Apr)

The second-best time to visit and trek, spring brings warm weather and spectacular rhododendron blooms.

High Season (Oct–Nov)

Clear skies and warm days make autumn the peak season. Thousands of people hit the trails in the Everest and Annapurna regions, accommodation in Kathmandu gets booked up and prices peak.

Read more on the website of the Lonely Planet.

How do I get a VISA?

Contact us for more in-depth information that fits you personally!

When should I get Travel Insurance?

We recommend that you gain travel insurance to cover you for the duration of your trip. The sooner you take out travel insurance the better; it’s good to be prepared. It is your own responsibility to choose the travel insurance right for you. Ask your travel agent for advice.

What are the safety and security issues?

The safety of our volunteers is our NUMBER ONE priority. Though Nepal has undergone hardships through political instability and a recent fuel crisis, Nepal has dramatically improved over the years since the death of the monarchy. However, if you are unsure, you can visit the Nepal News site (www.nepalnews.com) for the latest information.


To many people who travel through Nepal, it is a country of peace, admirable resilience, and incredibly friendly people with a beautiful culture. To ensure that our volunteers continue to have an enjoyably safe experience in Nepal, we ask that both men and women act friendly yet modestly, so as not to accidentally seem too forward. To avoid any misunderstood physical contact, we recommend a traditional ‘Namaste’ as a greeting. Nepali women, especially in rural areas, are quite modest and so we ask that you respect their culture and are mindful of your actions.