Women’s Voice for Change- Speech Contest

Do you have an idea that would create change in your community? Have you ever felt that your voice didn’t matter? We are here to tell you that you have a gift of experience and an idea that can create changes in other peoples’ lives.

“Your Voice Matters”

We want to hear your story, your idea for change, and help you grow as a powerful being to make that difference to others.

Maybe you struggled through an event in life, an injustice, and a stage of your childhood that you want to empower others to not have to struggle through. Maybe you witnessed a close loved one, friend, neighbour who struggled and you want to tell their story and create change to help others in similar situations.

Whatever your story, whatever your idea, we wish to give you a platform to share this and make your idea for change a reality. Are you ready to be brave, be vulnerable and be kind?

This year, we are launching a ‘Women’s Voice for Change’ Speech Contest, where the winning female with a transformative Project for Change idea, between the ages of 18 – 30, will receive ongoing mentorship and a Start-Up Fund for her charity idea. THNA Founder Jody Dontje had the immense honour of winning the Women’s Federation for World Peace Speech Contest in the UK last year. After gaining immense growth as a public speaker and as a passionate individual from this event, Jody Dontje, Melvin Sjerps and our THNA Team are now inspired to launch our own speech contest empowering young women in Nepal this May and June in KTM.

Criteria for contestants

– Female
– Aged 18-30
– Speaks English and Nepali
– Willing to share personal story
– Has a powerful Project for Change idea
– Willing to launch idea within 3-6 months of speech finals



– 20,000NPR Start-Up Fund to empower your idea for change into reality
– 1 x Year Membership of a Public Speaking Club
– Ongoing Mentorship from THNA Founders Jody Dontje and Melvin Sjerps
– 2 x Coaching Sessions from Empowerment and Change Coach Jody Dontje
– An Online Fundraising Platform to Help Raise Future Funds
– THNA Charity T-Shirt

1st and 2nd Runner Ups

– 1 x Year Membership of a Public Speaking Club
– THNA Charity T-Shirt
– Also Prizes Below

All Finalists

– Certificates for being a finalist
– Networking opportunity
– Mentorship before the Finals
– A platform to share your story and idea
– Publicity for your Project for Change Idea
– A valuable speech contest experience

Speech Topics

Make sure your speech answers all 5 Questions and is written with a flowing introduction, paragraphs and captivating conclusion and not as rigid answers under topic headings.

1) What is your story: what has been a challenge in your life or another person’s life that has made you who you are today?
2) What is your Project for Change Idea?
3) How is this idea linked passionately to your story?
4) How will this idea create sustainable change in the lives of others?
5) What would 20,000NPR do to make this idea a reality specifically?

Speech Criteria

– Approximately 1000 words
– Flowing speech with introduction, paragraphs and conclusion
– Answers all 5 Topic Questions.
– 8-10 minutes (penalties apply if speech is too short or too long)

How to Apply

Submit your own written and original speech to thehelpnepalappeal@gmail.com (via email only). Adopt your own theme in your written speech. Write at the end of your speech the following information:

(1) Your name in full
(2) Date of birth
(3) Home telephone/Mobile number
(4) Email address
(5) Home address
(6) Emergency contact (name, telephone, email address)

Stages of Speech Contest
  1. Submit your Speech (answering the Speech Criteria Questions).
  2. If you are selected, you will have the opportunity of delivering your speech in front of a small group who will vote on if you will progress into the Finals.
  3. If you become 1 of 6 Contestant Finalists, you will have the opportunity to share your speech on a platform in front of an audiences and judges.
Speech Contest Approximate Dates
  1. Speech Submissions Close May 29th 2018
  2. Second Round Speech Delivery (with Mentoring) mid June 2018
  3. Women’s Voice for Change Speech Contest Saturday June 23rd 2018

Be Brave. Be Vulnerable. Be Kind.

Your Voice Matters.